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All For Rainbow

All For Rainbow

The project All For Rainbow started in 2015. In the beginning we called it Straights For Rainbow to support a Russian project #StraightsForRainbow, but very soon we figured that also LGBTIQ+ people can support each other and in 2016 we changed it into #AllForRainbow.

LGBTIQ+ people are still being discriminated and they do not have all the rights and equality that they deserve. Many young people do not get enough support at home or at school. They seek for recognition of equality in society.

We encourage LGBTIQ+ people and allies to take part of our project #AllForRainbow to show their support for LGBTIQ+ community.

You can also support our project and the LGBTIQ+ community. Take a photo with a sign saying #AllForRainbow and publish the photo with the mentioned hashtag on social media or you can send it to our email You can also write why you are supporting LGBTIQ+, why you are against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and why it is important to have equality amongst everyone.

In August we will also have our stand outside and you can come and take picture there with a frame that says #AllForRainbow, but until then you can take part of the project on social media.


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