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Erasmus+ prostovoljski projekti

Erasmus+ prostovoljski projekti

Erasmus+ Volunteering Projects (before EVS – European Voluntary Service, to become ESC – European Solidarity Corps) is an international volunteering program for people between 18 and 30 years old and it is funded by the European Commission.
EVS is based on a partnership between the sending organization, the hosting organization and the volunteer.
The sending organization is preparing the volunteer before departure. It gives information about the search procedures of EVS projects, pre-departure training and follows the volunteer at distance throughout their stay abroad and after when they have returned home.
After finding the sending organization you need to find a project and a hosting organization who you will work with. They need to guarantee that the project would be successful and secure for you as a volunteer.
The sending and hosting organization will apply to get the funding for the project. That funding is to cover all the costs related to the project, including travel costs, health insurance and monthly allowance for the volunteer. After the project has been applied for you need to wait about 1.5 to 2 months to get to know whether it got approved or not. Sometimes it may happen that the project will not get approved at first but then you need to try again. Projects last from 2 weeks to 12 months and you can find projects in different areas, such as culture, sports, social care, art, environmental protection and education, media and communication.
EVS gives young people a great opportunity to get to know the culture you are curious about, share your own culture and find new friends. It improves foreign language skills, develops solidarity in young people and helps to discover new opportunities for the future. At the same time you can help to make the world a better place with your actions. Doing something good offers you positive emotions, promotes active participation, mutual understanding and it is an enjoyable way of challenging yourself. EVS is a good choice for you if you would like to take some time off after graduating high school/univeristy or if you need to break out from everyday routine and try something different from your current job.
If you are interested in doing volunteering abroad or you would like to find a sending organization then you can contact us, Društvo DIH, at our e-mail address For more information on volunteering projects visit European Solidarity Corps’ web page.

Foto: EU Funds

Prostovoljski projekt je financiran s strani Evropske komisije v okviru programa Erasmus+: Mladi v akciji. Vsebina objave odraža izključno stališča avtorice. Nacionalna agencija in Evropska Komisija nista odgovorni za kakršno koli uporabo informacij, ki jih objava vsebuje.


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