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EVS: My on-arrival training

EVS: My on-arrival training

Less than month after arriving in Slovenia I attended on-arrival training in Bled, which is one of the most beautiful and famous destination in this small country on the sunny side of the Alps. My expectations were that I will meet lots of new people who are volunteering in Ljubljana but turned out that most of them are volunteers in other places in Slovenia. But I think it is also good because I have a chance to visit some of them and explore new places.
It was the first time that on-arrivals had training together with the mid-term group. I think it was really great to meet people who already had three months of experience of living and volunteering in Slovenia. They gave us lots of good tips and suggestions of where to go and what to do here.

On the first day we introduced ourselves and our projects. I got to know people in my group closely when we divided into groups and answered different questions that our trainers asked us. Then we had teamwork where we all needed to jump over a big jumping rope. It was really interesting because it showed that our group is supportive and encouraging even if some of us could not jump the rope the first time. We did it a few times until we all succeeded. ☺

On Tuesday we learnt the difference between non-formal education, volunteering and learning vs service. We learned what are our rights and responsibilities as volunteers. And then we divided into groups and started to think about a project because the next day was our project day.
On our project day we decided to go to Kranj, which is around 30 km away from Bled and ask local young people how they prefer to spend their free time and what are the best hang out places there. We took a bus to Kranj, but we did not find so many young people there and those who we found suggested the same places, but we managed to find the top 5 places where to hang out. We were a bit disappointed with the result and we could have definitely come out with a better project if there was more time to think about it. So the next day we had a presentation of our projects and after that we analysed it and I find it really good to analyse how it could have been done better or what we should have focused on.

On Thursday evening we learnt more about Slovenian history, culture and people. Our coordinators prepared a quiz for us and we also had a chance to taste a little bit of Slovenian cuisine. It was really interesting to get to know more about Slovenia and the places that I would like to visit next (for example Bohinj lake and Peričnik Falls).

On Friday we had a walk around Bled lake and we also walked up to one hill where is a magnificent view to the lake. During the walk we wrote what we would like to learn from our EVS and what are our goals etc. And on the hill we wrote a letter to our future self that we will be reading in our mid-term training.

Overall I think that this kind of training was really interesting because I got to know so many different and interesting people from all over Europe and from totally different cultures. I enjoyed staying in Bled and it was a great experience for me. ☺


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