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DIH in 2018

DIH in 2018

You don`t know what we were up to in 2018 and want to find out more? Here is the review and the photostory of the DIH`s activities you might knew or didn`t know about before! ⬇️

In February we had organised an international round table on the topic Foootball People – Whole Rainbow of People together with the sport organisation Out in Slovenija, whose main goal is creating safe space for participation of the LGBTIQ+ persons in sport, health and recreational activities, challenging the discrimination and promoting equality in sports.
Alongside UEFA Futsal EURO 2018 we have discussed the social role of football, openness and inclusion, with special emphasis also on LGBTIQ community.

Round Table: Football People

One of the DIH`s regular community events we have launched in March 2018 is Lezbofé – a café for queer women. We meet monthly and chat about various topics such as differences between relationships and friendships, generations gaps, body image, LGBTIQ+ stereotypes and labels.

Community event: Lezbofé

As a part of our counseling and informative programms we started a new blog section in cooperation with Dr. Mlakar, an abdominal surgeon and proctologist, who is among other things an expert on anal health. Under the title Doktor Mlakar odgovarja in svetuje… Dr. Mlakar answers your question regarding sexual health and prevention. If you have any questions, send dr. Mlakar and email to .

New section on the DIH`s blog: Doktor Mlakar odgovarja in svetuje… (“Dr. Mlakar answrs and gives advice…”)

On the 8th of May we had hosted an activist Miran Šolinc from the ŠKUC association who gave a lecture on the use of PrEP in Europe and Slovenija.

The PrEP’s era is coming!

To the DIH`s anual free time activities certainly belongs the organisation of the queer camps, where the LGBTIQ+ persons can meet, socialize and have a good time together. In 2018 we have hosted two queer camps, the first one took place in May in Kočevje and the second one in October in Črmošnjice.

Spring Queer Camp with DIH and Out in Slovenija
Fall Queer Camp with DIH and Out in Slovenija

The 2018 was also devoted to sport, when Društvo DIH together with other organisations – Javni zavod Mladi Zmaji – Četrtni mladinski center Zalog, Out in Slovenija and others – have brought the 21st and 22nd edition of PLATA – With Football Against Discrimination to life. Both events took place in Zalog and the main program consisted of football tournaments for children and youngster. This was also the first time that a team, which was build-up from the queer players entirely, was one of the participants (Legebitra`s team, but a gay team, Slovenia Shooters already participated in the past).

PLATA 2018: With Football Against Discrimination

DIH`s year of 2018 consisted not only of sport events, but also of some artistic events and activities. In June and September the literary evenings DIHTIVO took place in front of our office at Slomškova 25. In a cozy and summerly atmosphere the LGBTIQ+ writers from Slovenia introduced their work and between the readings the pleasant ambient had been completed by the musical accompaniment. The collection of the selected works has already been published by Društvo DIH and the book will be introduced publicly on 28th of January in Trubarjeva hiša literature at 7 pm.

Dihtivo: DIH’s Poetry Night

On June 23rd 2018 we took part in 18th Ljubljana Pride Parade!😄

DIH at Ljubljana Pride Parade

In 2018 we have also continued to work on our project #VsiZaMavrico (#AllForRainbow), where we publish pictures of the LGBTIQ+ supporters.

DIH’s Project #AllForRainbow

The months October and November were devoted to the DIH`s campaing Against homophobia at the universities. We have visited several faculties of the University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Arts, Veterinary Faculty and Biotechnical Faculty. Wait for us in 2019! 😉

DIH’s Campaing: Against Homophobia at the Universities

DIH’s Campaing: Against Homophobia at the Universities

At occassion of the AIDS awareness day and the European HIV and hepatitis Testing Week we have facilitated the theater piece Pod enim pogojem (On One Condition) of Renato Volker.  The Monodrama has become the part of the DIH`s HIV/AIDS preventive program Pamet v roke, kondom na glavo, which is supported by the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Ljubljana.

Monodrama: Pod enim pogojem (“On One Condition”)

For the project Pamet v roke, kondom na glavo we have also created a new design! ⬇️

DIH`s campaign: Pamet v roke, kondom na glavo

And you could see it everywhere around Ljubljana! 😍

DIH`s campaign: Pamet v roke, kondom na glavo

In 2018 we have also distributed 10.000 condoms in Slovenia. For the packing process we had some skillfull helpers. Thank you! ❤️

Packing condoms for the project “Pamet v roke, kondom na glavo”

In the 2018 new volunteers joined our team! 💜

Welcoming new DIH`s volunteers…

We have launched new regular community event DIHovo branje (DIH`s Reading) . Every first Thursday in a month we meet and read together shorts stories or other literary pieces related to chosen theme.

Community event: DIH`s Reading

For the purpose of chatting or reading by a cup of tea/coffe we have arranged a new chilling corner in our office at Slomškova 25. If you have free time and don`t know what to do with it, just come to see us! 😊

New DIH`s Chilling Area

Last but not least, in December we have celebrated DIH`s 15th birthday!

DIH`s 15th Anniversary

In 2019 we are planning even more interesting projects and activities, so like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our youtube channel and stay tuned! See you next time! 😋



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