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Meet Kiki, the new ESC volunteer

Meet Kiki, the new ESC volunteer

Hello there everyone!

My name is Kiki, I am 28 years old girl, coming from Republic of North Macedonia and I am the new addition as ESC volunteer at the amazing team of Društvo DIH. I enjoy good music, good architecture, photography, everything artsy, trying new kinds of food and traveling and seeking hidden magic that some places might have. One of those places that I did find it magical was Ljubljana, when I visited it last year. I fell in love with the energy, the art, the people and the calmness and excitement (both in one) that the city offers. After returning home, I put the idea of coming back to Ljubljana, possibly for longer period of time, on my wish list and here I am, with a one year stay ahead and a with a great purpose. I am so excited to be wandering around Ljubljana and Slovenia in general with my camera and capture all the beauties that this country has to offer.

I chose to become a volunteer at Društvo DIH because I wanted to expand my experience, interests, knowledge and skills in LGBTQA+ activism and also share ideas and everything that might be interesting and useful for the work that the organization does. Coming from a country where the progress in this every day fight for equality is slow and tough, I personally want to grab every possibility to learn something new, to witness new changes, different perspectives and movements. So, I am thrilled to be here and contribute in supporting and empowering acceptance, inclusion and life without discrimination. I like to imagine this free and non-judgmental future where love is love no matter what and freedom of being who you truly are is not wrapped up in boundaries.

In the end, I would like to say big ТHANK YOU to the team of Društvo DIH for inviting me and giving me this opportunity.


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