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Meet Sinan, our new ESC volunteer

Meet Sinan, our new ESC volunteer

Hello everyone,

This is Sinan, a Turkish person who came for the ESC volunteering project in Društvo DIH on Monday, March 16th 2020. I am a tea/dog person.  I love cooking, watching TV series/films and my favorite season is, of course, winter.

During my bachelor years, I found a chance to be a volunteer in so many different areas such as working with disabled LGBTI+ people, children and street living. In 2015 me and my 6 colleagues founded an NGO to improve the sexual and reproductive health rights and democratic participation of youth. In addition to that I have been working professionally in an association that focuses on sex workers’ rights.

1 year ago I decided to become a volunteer under the ESC Projects to broaden my horizons on human rights. Although human rights are universal, in accordance with the local needs and cultural backgrounds, every local NGO has its own perception of human rights and activities to reach those standards. I want to learn how Društvo DIH shows reaction to crisis, how they fulfill the needs of locals and how they design their strategies and projects, so that I can contribute to their unique works.

I want to learn everything about this great culture. I want to have a memory on every corner of this city. I want to explore myself with local and international people in this city.

Thank you Društvo DIH to give me this great opportunity. I am very excited to meet you all!



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