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QUEER TABOO – New Board game!

QUEER TABOO – New Board game!

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Have you heard of our board game Queer Taboo?

Last year, we designed an informative and fun board game Queer Taboo, which is now also available online!

What is Queer Taboo?

Queer Taboo is based on the game Taboo, where the goal is to describe a term on the card to your coplayers without using the “taboo” words, that are written under the term.

What does it look like?

The game has 303 cards with words from 5 different categories:

TERMINOLOGY: cards with words connected to LGBTQIA+ terminology
  • relationships,
  • sex,
  • activism,
  • terminology,
  • culture.

What do you need?

Printed Queer Taboo cards, a dice, a timer and 4 players.

How to play?

ACTIVISM: cards with terms connected to LGBTQIA+ activism
SEX: terms connected to sexuality and sexual practices

Divide into at least two groups. Agree with your group which number of the dice means which category; the 6 means category of choice. Throw the dice and take a card from the category that fits the number.

You have one minute to describe as many terms from the category as possible. One player from the opposing team is watching your cards to make sure you don’t use any of the taboo words.

RELATIONSHIPS: terms connected to relationships
CULTURE: terms related to LGBTQIA+ culture

If your coplayers guess the word, your team keeps the card, which counts as one point. If you make a mistake and use a taboo word, the opposing team gets the card. The team that has the most cards at the end of the game, wins.

How to print?

On the link below is a pdf version of the game! Print it both-sided in A3 form with mirroring on the short edge, and cut the cards. The last page of the document are the game rules and credits.


For now we only have the English version; if you are interested in translating the game, write us at!


Creators of the game: Anna Rossi, Michaela Lennerová, Iva van Hoek
Illustrations: Michaela Lennerová
Design and technical support: Ela Kranjc

You can come to our office at Slomškova 25 in Ljubljana to play; if you print the game and play it with your friends or organisation, tag us on social media!


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