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Female condoms

Female condoms

A female condom is a thin loosefitting pouch that has soft flexible ring on each end and it is inserted into a vagina or to anus. It is made from nitrile or polyurethane and synthetic latex, which is safe for people who are allergic to natural rubber latex. Female condoms are already lubricated but if you need more lubrication, you can use either water or silicone lubricant.

The female condom protects from pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses (STI), including HIV. It creates a barrier that protects bodily fluids from entering the body.

How to use female condoms?

Wash your hands and find a comfortable position, perhaps squatting with knees apart. Hold the condom so that the open end is hanging down. Squeeze the inner ring with your thumb and middle finger. Insert the inner ring and pouch into your vagina as far as it will go, making sure it doesn’t twist. The outside ring of the female condom will cover the area around the vaginal opening. It covers wider area of female body, which can provide extra protection from diseases for the labia and perineum. This may reduce the risk of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes.

Female condoms are not approved for anal sex by any government authority, but if used for anal sex they will protect against STI and HIV.

Unlike male condoms, which are put on right before sex or during foreplay, female condoms can be inserted ahead of time (up to eight hours before sex), this means no interruptions once you decide to get down to it. It enables to take care of your sexual health and also won´t slow you down in the heat of the moment.

Dental dam

Lixx/ Global Protection Group

A dental dam is a latex or polyurethane sheet that can be used during oral sex to protect against the spread of STI.

How to use it?

Unfold the dam and lay it across the vaginal or anal area. Lube on the dam or static will hold the dam in place. During oral sex you should hold the dam in place to prevent it from slipping  too much. After oral sex fold the dam up and throw it away.

If you are sexually active, be sure that you always have condoms with you. Although talking about condoms can be uncomfortable, open communication is very important. It only takes one unprotected sexual encounter to contract HIV or another STI. Respect your body and your partner’s body and use a condom every time you have sex.





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