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DIH went to Bohinj!

DIH went to Bohinj!

Between 17th and 19th of May Društvo DIH together with sport association Out In Slovenija hosted an LGBTIQA+ camp at the Bohinj lake. This was the first spring camp of 2019. Another one is going to take place in autumn, so you can already look forward to participate!

The camps are a nice opportunity for the LGBTIQA+ individuals from all over Slovenia to connect, have a productive and fun time and empower each other. Our team always try to create a safe space for everybody regardless of age or physcical dissabilities and other … In our otherness we can unite! 🏳️‍🌈

During this spring camp we were talking a lot 🤓 – discussing topics related to the different concepts of relationships. We were talking about friendships, romantic relationships and partnerships, about the similarities and differences between them.

We touched the topic of polyamory and other alternative ways of living today’s society doesn’t recognize yet. We were analyzing our personal relationships with our family, friends, partners, colleagues and others with focus on their importance and closeness in our lives, opening another topic – the concept of relationship anarchy. 🌈

Thanks to our workshop master Iva 🙃 we learned a lot about ourselves and our values in different relationships. We learned about other people’s views on these topics and are more aware of different ways of living and values on the relationships spectrum. 🦄

We got to know each other and made new contacts or/and friendships. Some of us maybe met their new partners too. 😍

We learned new methods how to express ourselves and share our stories. Also, how to be a better listeners. Ana and Kaja facilitated a workshop on storytelling (as part of the follow-up of ROVE project)! ✍️ Michaela brought us in the world of the performing arts offering a workshop of improvisation theater.🎭

During the camp we had also common activities with Legebitra, who were having their camp also in Bohinj at the same time.

We learned a lot about the pink capitalims during the joint workshop on the reasons for the boycott of Eurovision Song Contest which took place in Israel this year.

After the workshop the camp participants from Legebitra surprised us with home made vegan sushi 🥢😋 and a nice closing of our staying in Bohinj which we spent by playing the best queer board games! 🎉

We have enjoyed the camp a lot for what we also need to thank Nikola ❤️ for smoothly daily flow and great technical organisation. Next time we hope for a little better weather, so we can enjoy the nature more and carry on all the activities outside! X.O.X.O. from our organisational team, 😃 👇🏼

If you want to get some impressions how our camps look like and inspiration for participation next time, watch a short video down bellow! ⬇️

Credits to @Tina Šmid


Photos: @Janja Razpotnik


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