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Meet Emily, our new ESC volunteer

Meet Emily, our new ESC volunteer


My name is Emily, and I am the newest volunteer at Društvo DIH. I am 22 years old, and from Scotland. I have a keen interest in history – especially political and LGBTQ+ history from the last seventy years – and recently graduated with a degree in this field. Aside from this, I love attending live music events, and travelling to new places.

During my time at university, I was heavily involved in the LGBTQIA+ organisation on campus. Taking a senior role in this organisation immersed me in the local LGBTQIA+ community, which fostered a love of working for my community in both the advancements of our rights and in creating safe spaces for all who fall under the LGBTQIA+ rainbow. It was through this organisation that the opportunity to volunteer for DIH became available to me – something which I was very grateful for.

Volunteering at DIH offered me the unique opportunity to combine two of my biggest passions – working with my LGBTQIA+ peers, and travel – and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to not only explore a whole new culture in Ljubljana, but also to experience LGBTQIA+ life outside of my home country. I am particularly looking forward to working on DIH’s All for Rainbow project, as I believe all LGBTQIA+ deserve affirmation and a sense of community. I am also excited to get involved in DIH’s STI prevention projects as I have worked in this area before and have a considerable passion for it.

I am really looking forward to the next six months, and I can only thank Društvo DIH for this opportunity.



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