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My Place under the Rainbow – one day camp!

My Place under the Rainbow – one day camp!

Pridruži se nam na prvem enodnevnem DIHovem izobraževalnem taboru!
22. avgusta bomo dan preživele_i v razpravah in pogovorih o heteronormativnosti in o različnih skupnostih, ki jim pripadamo.
Udeležba je brezplačna, vključeni so prigrizki in kosilo. Tabor bo potekal v angleščini, več informacij spodaj. Se vidimo!


Društvo DIH is inviting you to join us in Ljubljana, on 22nd of August for a one day camp – “ My place under the rainbow”.
In a group of 20 people we will explore the topics of heteronormativity and different communities that we are part of while having space to meet, share and connect with each other.

The content of the day is divided in two main topics:

Heteronormativity and how to break it:

– We as queer people are challenging heteronormativity through our mere existence. Since we don’t live up to the expectations of heteronormativity, it’s even more important to understand it, which is why this workshop is going to be more of the educational spectrum of activities. We will cover what is heteronormativity, how and where it influences our lives and will also include how different LGBT+ identities are impacted by it.

Me and my communities

– Every person is part of different communities (school, family, friends,volunteering…) and we as queer people usually experience “double life”, feeling like our LGBT identity is something to be celebrated in one community (bigger towns, certain circles of friends) and to be hidden in other ( home towns, families). This workshop will include activities related to different types of communities, how we see them, how we see ourselves in those communities and how we find balance in between all of them.

Looking forward to see you!

Apply here:

* Participation is free of charge.
* Food, drinks, snacks are covered by the organization.
* Unfortunately, we can not reimburse the travel costs.
* The camp will be in English.
For any additional questions write us on


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