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RusKvir: What is it?

RusKvir: What is it?

RusKvir (РусКвiр) is a side-project of Društvo DIH that aims to connect LGBTQIA+ people and allies coming from non-EU Post-Soviet countries. Our goal is to provide a safe space for individuals to meet others with similar cultural and linguistic backgrounds and build a community that supports each other. While it mainly targets people residing in Slovenia or nearby, we aspire to reach a wider public by keeping this network international: keeping in touch with those who left Slovenia, supporting those who plan to visit or move to Slovenia in the future, and anybody else interested to be a part of RusKvir. 

This network is open to all LGBTQIA+ people and allies with ties to Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan that now live in Slovenia (or other countries). Since Russian is the most commonly spoken language, it is the primary communication of RusKvir. However, we also provide support in Ukrainian and English. 

Creating a space for people to connect with others who understand their unique experiences is crucial, especially when faced with societal and political challenges.

We intend for RusKvir to exist as a community where all individuals involved can feel safe, away from prejudice, harassment, judgment, racism, xenophobia, bullying, homophobia, transphobia or anything related to politics or warfare.

By coming together and supporting each other, we want to create a stronger and more resilient community that can overcome these challenges. Every person possesses a unique background and genetic build-up and disregarding their complex selves is unfair to the life journey they are going through.

Društvo DIH provides a local support group event, “Govoriš po ruskvir,” in Ljubljana in both Russian and Ukrainian. Our support group events include fun gatherings, creative workshops, deep discussions, board and social games, walks outside and other activities. We have also created a Discord server “РусКвiр” to enable more accessible communication and an online common ground. 

Link to Discord:

This text is also available in Russian and Ukrainian and it can be found on the Discord Server or if you contact us by our email.


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