Guidelines for LGBTIQA+ supporters

How to be an active LGBTIQA+ supporter?

  1. Have an open mind. “If you do not understand mathematics, it does not mean that mathematics do not exist.” :)
  2. Get informed. You do not have to be an expert, but make sure you know the basics, the terminology. Most hatred comes from ignorance.
  3. Personal LGBTIQA+ stuff is their personal staff. Inform yourself about the things about the community you are interested in through the internet or organisations.
  4. Be aware that we all have prejudice and stereotypes. If someone tells you that what you said is homophobic/transphobic, it probably is. Listen and correct yourself.
  5. Do not assume people’s sexual orientation and gender identity. Someone close to you might be looking for support in their coming-out process. Not making assumptions will give them the space they need.
  6. Always react to inappropriate jokes, violence, homophobic and other comments that are offensive or demeaning to LGBTIQA+ people. In doing so you warn someone about homophobia or other forms of repression, you do not loose anything, but maybe you prevent violence.
  7. When someone comes out to you trust that the person spent a long time thinking about it and gathering courage to tell you. Respect what they told you, your support can mean a lot.
  8. Wear and display LGBTIQA+ friendly stickers, badges, posters, t-shirts and the like.
  9. Use social media to promote and share positive LGBTIQA+ stories and causes you believe in.
  10. Be physically present. Join the Pride parade and other initiatives that need support in ensuring LGBTIQA+ rights, fighting against discrimination.
  11. Support organisations who strive for LGBTIQA+ rights. Become a member, read their articles, get in contact if you need information, become a volunteer or activist, donate.
  12. Ask people on which pronouns they use and respect that.

All people, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation should be treated equally and with respect. Or regardless of any other personal circumstance. Do not expect cookies, prizes or any sort of recognition for your respect and support.