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Kvir poezija/Queer poems

Kvir poezija/Queer poems

Last month we asked you to send us some stories, articles or poems which encapsulated your personal experiences.

We now share with you all two poems that represent the queer experience of Pride and the need and willingness to be free to be themselves.

Loner town

Loner town,
Lonely me,
Only birds,
Are here free.

Mice like I,
Don’t get a choice.
So sit and cry,
But don’t make too much noise.

One day I saw,
A big black bird.
That lonely day I thought,
That lucky day I heard,
Of a way to break free,
To be saved from lonely me.

Lucky birds,
Aren’t so bad.
Jealousy just makes mice mad.
Mice don’t unite, and never ask for help.
They only fight, they are always scared.

Now I ask the big black town,
The things that the bird asked me:
Why am I a mouse?
Why can’t I be free?

Loner town,
Pushed me to the ground.
I never saw that I could fly.
But now I see, I can grow wings.
Lucky me, I’ll wave goodbye.

Maša Nađalin


Rainbow Wave

You want to bring us down to the grave
But we will stop you with our rainbow wave
Yes, we will not behave
We will stand still and brave

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
Does it matter if we’re a throuple?
Safe we march in our bubble
Time it is to cause trouble

Come down here
See it clear
We will never disappear
No more hiding, no more fear

Dance, have fun
You can bring even your mum
We will not be done
Till we’ll get to see the dawn

Silvia Casto


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